EM 385 Section 21 Fall Protection Competent Person (24 Hour) Training Class- English

Duration: 8 Hours
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EM385 Section 21 Fall Protection Competent Person Training

Please call 303-537-5832 to schedule your classes, or check out our Training Calendar to view upcoming sessions. Availability, demand, and class size may affect scheduling. Note that prices are subject to change.

Min Students: 5 Max Students: 20


What is 24-Hour EM 385-Section 21 Fall Protection (24 Hour) Training?

EM 385-1-1 is the Engineer’s Manual released by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The manual outlines the health and safety standards you must follow when working on military projects.

“The requirements of Section 21 are applicable to all Government and C work forces when their employees are working at heights, exposed to fall hazards and/or using fall protection equipment. Every Contractor and USACE-owned/operated permanent facility is responsible for establishing, implementing and managing a fall protection program.”

Who Should Take 24-Hour EM 385 Section 21 Fall Protection Competent Person Training with Colorado Safety Supply Company? 

Designed for employees who have heightened responsibilities on an USACE jobsites: can include but not limited to contractors, superintendents, project managers, managers, supervisors and team leaders who are working on military projects and need to comply with EM 385-1-1 regulations. 

Colorado Safety Supply Company’s 24-Hour EM 385 Section 21 Fall Protection Training course instructs you on how to ensure the safest construction site possible through leadership, strategic decision making and planning.  

Training program topics over a 3-day schedule will include:

-USACE’s EM385 Standards

-OSHA Subpart R Fall Protection Standard

-Prepare Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) forms

-Properly prepare site-specific Fall Protection/Accident Prevention Plans (APP)

-Site Health and Safety Officers (SSHOs) awareness of unsafe worksite conditions

-Hierarchy of Fall Protection Controls

-Methodology for Fall Protection Systems

             - Fall elimination, fall prevention, fall arrest and fall restraint

-Selection of the accurate fall systems based on exposed hazards

             - Fall arrest systems, positioning systems, retrieval systems, suspension system

-Donning Procedures (Hands On)

-Inspection Procedures/ requirements/ manufacture recommendations (on fall protection systems) (Hands On)

-Calculating Fall Clearances: Free fall distances and deceleration distances

-Horizontal and vertical lifelines (permanent and temporary)

-ABC’s of Fall protection

-Prepare rescue forms

-Build a Fall Rescue program

-Self-Rescue vs Assisted Rescue

-Understanding the risks of a Fall and necessary First Aid

-Orthostatic Intolerance

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