360 degree headlamp- The last light you'll ever need

360 degree headlamp- The last light you'll ever need

Introducing the latest addition to ILLUMAGEAR – the all-new Halo SL hard hat light!
This new Spot-Light Halo still provides the same 360-degree visibility you know and love, allowing crews to be seen from over 1/4 mile away, BUT we've added new light features including flood task lights and a 50 foot spot light for even greater visibility and productivity! 

We are hearing great feedback from workers about how the Halo SL lights up their work area and makes them safer. Check out the attached spec. sheet and the new product video below to learn more! 


The ILLUMAGEAR Halo™ SL is much more than a headlamp; it’s a revolutionary lighting system that provides the ideal lighting conditions for any job & it fits on any standard hard 

Halo SL is now available in three versions:
Classic All-White and new "Brake-Light" Halos with either
Red or Amber LEDs in the rear for added visibility.

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