EAGLE Industries Welding Blankets

Eagle IndustriesSKU: WB-13-red-6050

Size: 13oz-red-60x50yd
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There are many size and weight and treatment differences please call 303-537-5832- for pricing and ordering.

13oz- comes in 25 rolls a pallet

14oz- comes in 25 rolls a pallet

15oz- comes in 25 rolls a pallet

17oz- comes in 20 rolls a pallet

18oz- comes in 20 rolls a pallet

24oz- comes in 16 rolls a pallet


• Fabric weight 13 oz./sqyd (442 gm/sq.m)
• Red color
• Acrylic coated fiberglass fabric
• Plain twill weave pattern
• 17 mil thickness
• Fire Retardant blanket used for welding & hot works
• Temperature rating 1,000°F (550°C)
• Roll size 60" x 50 yd.


• Acrylic coating provides abrasion & tear resistance
• High temperature safety cloth
• Protects sparks, spatter, weld slag
• Flexible fabric, easy to handle
• Used for welding and grinding
• Used for hot works cutting
• Used as ground protection and vertical welding curtains
• Used in industrial plants, refineries, shipyards, manufacturing facilities

Product Overview

Eagle FR Welding Blankets are flame retardant roll fabrics used in the industrial welding industry. Welding Blankets are designed to withstand high heat temperatures for protection against slag and spatter during welding hot works operations. Welding Blankets are fire retardant, flexible, and highly abrasion resistant. Fabric styles range from 13 oz. up to 30 oz. in weight. They can be used as ground cover, equipment covers or vertically hung welding curtains. They are used for various applications in marine shipbuilding, petrochemical, offshore, industrial construction and steel building construction. Eagle Welding Blankets are available in roll form and can be custom-fabricated to custom sizes to fit virtually any industrial project.


• Welding & metal shops
• Power plants
• Oil refineries
• Shipbuilding & marine construction
• Industrial construction
• Steel building construction
• Iron works
• Pipe fabrication yards
• Piping insulation jacketing

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