Fall Tech DuraTech® Twin- Leg Personal LEADING EDGE Self Retracting Lifelines

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Product Description: Twin Leg Steel Snap Hook
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Fall Tech DuraTech® Personal LEADING EDGE Self Retracting Lifelines

-9' Leading Edge Cable SRL Twin-leg with Steel Snap Hooks

-9' Leading Edge Cable SRL Twin-leg with Steel Rebar Hooks

-9' Leading Edge Cable SRL Twin-leg with Aluminum Rebar Hooks

-9' Leading Edge Cable SRL Twin-leg with Aluminum CE Carabiners



83909TP1, 83909TP3, 83909TP5, 83909TP6
DuraTech® 9' Twin-leg Personal Leading Edge SRL
DuraTech® Personal Leading Edge SRLs are uniquely designed for applications
where sharp leading edges commonly present additional fall hazards beyond
typical at-height concerns.
• Proprietary integrated dorsal connector provides simplified push-button attachment.
• Exclusive energy absorber design and placement limits user back discomfort.
• Calibrated internal braking system delivers ideal walking speed without nuisance lock-up.
• Constant-force main spring produces smooth lifeline payout and retraction.
• Lightweight and impact resistant nylon polymer housing provides greater durability.
• For overhead anchorage and up to 5' below the dorsal D-ring for users weighing up to 310 lbs.

Relevant Standards
ANSI Z359.14-2014 LE
OSHA 1926.502, 1910.66

Performance Specifications
Average Arrest Force 1,125 lbs. Max.
Max. Arrest Distance 54" or less
Max. Arrest Force 1,800 lbs.
Static Strength 3,000 lbs. Minimum
User Capacity 310 lbs. Maximum

Part # Product Description Weight
83909TP1 Twin-leg,Steel Snap Hooks 8.9 lbs.
83909TP3 Twin-leg,Steel Rebar Hooks 10.8 lbs.
83909TP5 Twin-leg,Aluminum Rebar Hooks 9.9 lbs.
83909TP6 Twin-leg,Aluminum Carabiners 7.9 lbs.

Materials Specifications
Cable Lifeline 3/16" Galvanized  Steel
3,400 lbs. Min.
Static Strength Lifeline Connector Plated Alloy Steel and Aluminum Alloy
5,000 lbs. Static Strength, 3,600 lbs. Gate Strength
Housing: Nylon Drum: Aluminum
Pawls: Stainless Steel
Rebar hooks feature Transverse Load rated gates.





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