Tie Down Alispercha/ Alupercha System

accessories: Mobile base unit
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* This is a special made-to-order product, please call 303-537-5832 for pricing and go to our website homepage to download the Tie Down catalog for other Tie Down Products and accessories.

The Alsipercha system is a highly effective and versatile fall arrest solution. With its unique design, the Alsipercha product has a fall factor of ZERO. A fall factor of ZERO means that the worker’s arresting distance is extremely minimal allowing for them to return to work very safely and very quickly after rescue.

  • Fall Factor of ZERO
  • Rotates up to 360 degrees
  • Built in shock absorber
  • Ideal for decking, forming, and leading edge work
  • Can be used for unloading trucks, performing maintenance
    on equipment and machinery
  • Multiple attachments
  • Has a working radius of up to 23 feet
  • Maximum height of 23 feet

    The Alsipercha System is engineered and tested by an
    independent 3rd party

  • ~ Hook #13896
    (accessory for changing the
    anchor point)
    2 ~ Alsipercha L Bracket
    14ft-3in x 8ft-2in #13891
    (main body that turns 360˚)
    3 ~ Pivot Point
    (used to anchor the hook)
    4 ~ Sling #13910
    (used to move the assembly
    with a crane)
    5 ~ Conical Tube #13890
    (case into the concrete column)

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