Have You Seen our Mobile Safety Unit?

Colorado Safety Supply Company Mobile Safety Unit

(Takes less than a minute.)

Have you ever been "stranded" on a job site without the fundamental things you need to keep you safe?

Colorado Safety Supply Company does a lot of things on-site these days. Group training is offered to your crew at your location. We deliver products that were ordered via website, phone and email.

What you might not know, is that our Mobile Safety Unit can literally come to your job site for your convenience and deliver, service, refurbish and maintain fire extinguishers and refill them. We will refill your first aid cabinets and provide personal protection equipment on the spot. We also carry spill kits and environmental pads on the mobile unit. 

When the crew is busy, it can be an asset to the team to have everything right outside, whenever you need it. Call us for more information or to have our mobile unit out to you. 303-537-5832.


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