Colorado Safety Supply OnSite Safety Auditor For Colorado
At Colorado Safety Supply we are thrilled to announce that we have a new in house safety consultant that can come to your jobsite and make sure you are in compliance at an affordable price point. We understand that a lot of jobsites cannot afford the 6 figure salary that most full time salaried safety planners ask for. This is why we came up with a solution of providing our own ala carte safety consultant who can come to your jobsite, come up with a safety plan, find what needs to be attended to and help you solve it so there are no accidents or OSHA fines. Our consultant is an industry professional who has...
  • Over thirty years of experience in Safety Management and Corporate Training.
  • Has provided safety consultation for construction workspaces, safety program management at NASA and Nuclear Plant safety management.
  • Is also a very kind and humble person, who will tell you what you need to hear and make sure you know what needs to be corrected at a fair price.


1. Have I/We Have Failed an OSHA Safety  Inspection or Got Steep Fines?

2. Do I/We Have a Thoroughly Regimented Safety Training Program or Needs a Refresher?

3. I Can’t Afford a Safety or Training Manager?

4. Did you know Colorado Safety Supply can help you out ? 

We have an affordable solution for you and your jobsite and we can send him out to make sure your crew and wallet stays safe from preventable accidents and OSHA fines.

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