Inherent Vs Treated FR/Arc Flash

“Inherent” and “Treated” are the two terms used most to distinguish between Flame Resistance (FR) fabrics. The difference between “treated” fabric and “inherently flame-resistant” fabrics relates to the process used in making the final product flame resistant.
"Inherently" flame-resistant fabric is just as its name describes in that the material in it of itself is inherently flame-resistant fabric. Thusly meaning that you don’t not have to add any thing to make the fabric flame resistant. "Treated” flame resistant means that the product or fabric has been treated with materials to make the product or fabric flame resistant by a manufacturing process that makes the fabrics resistant. Cotton fabrics that are treated are given a flame-resistant chemical application, which the originally non-flame-resistant fabric is immersed in after it is woven together. The treatment chemically changes the fabric, making it flame resistant for the lifespan of the product that will eventually wear down over time and frequent machine washing. Both types of fabric offer protection against flames and arch flash however where is matters to most is that the FR is guaranteed for life provided the correct care is taken. Bleach, fabric softener and starch being added to a cleaning process of a garment can lower the lifetime use of a garment. Colorado Safety Supply offers great FR clothing and garments from reputable brands such as OEL and Portwest.