Harness Weight Capacity Ratings- Did you know?

Harness Weight Capacity Ratings- Did you know?

Why do harness labels specify weight ratings of both 310 lbs and up to 425 lbs? Why does the harness say it is only rated to 310 lbs?

The OSHA safety standards do not specify a specific weight range for harnesses. As a manufacturer, They have the flexibility to set the weight range for their harnesses, as long as they conduct the necessary testing and achieve the desired results. In this case, ANSI (American National Standards Institute) does specify the weight range for harnesses to be between 130 lbs and 310 lbs.


The manufactures have designed their harnesses to meet the OSHA standards even at a weight capacity of up to 425 lbs. Additionally, they have ensured that their harnesses comply with the ANSI standards, which have a weight capacity of 310 lbs.


If Fall protection manufactures can meet the requirements of both agencies, they have chosen to mark both compliance standards on the harness label. This ensures transparency and allows customers to understand that the harness is suitable for use within the specified weight ranges set by both OSHA and ANSI.

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