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Equipment & Supplies

From fall protection to confined space, PPE, and thousands of other products necessary to be successful in your daily work, we strive to provide the best safety equipment for workers in industries where proper gear and training is essential. We carry products and systems made proudly in the U.S.A., hold long-term relationships with key suppliers and manufacturers, and have a vested interest in keeping your employees safe on every job site.


Training & Consulting

For those working in construction or in the general industry, staying compliant and working safe is your key to safety success. Our mission is to not only provide your team with reliable safety equipment, but also deliver extensive expert training, onsite audits, and consulting to ensure your team’s safety and help you stay ahead of the curve on key regulations and policy changes.


Mobile Safety Unit

Our Mobile Safety Unit takes a unique approach to satisfying OSHA requirements, offering convenient on-site service for fire extinguishers, inspections and restocks of first aid supplies, personal protective equipment, and more. We’re you’re one-stop safety partner – let our team come to you!


Our History

Colorado Safety Supply Company was founded in 2012 by Valerie Boyd, built on a passion for making a difference in multiple industries that have become close to her heart. What started as a business built on fall protection has evolved into a comprehensive hub for over thousands of safety items and related training and certification that’s still growing. Colorado Safety Supply Company is proud to be 100% woman-owned, with M/WBE, DBE, SBE, and WOSB certifications.