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There is a reason I do, what I do! I love it!

MY STORY:  Valerie Boyd embarked on her journey in 2012, with the idea and hope to impact in an industry she deeply values. Starting with a focus on Fall Protection, our offerings have since expanded to encompass thousands of Safety Items, ensuring safety across all our work-sites. The mission has been to bring you closer to OSHA/ANSI compliance, a crucial goal we tirelessly pursue. Forging robust relationships with numerous manufacturers, we eagerly anticipated the idea and actions of sharing these partnerships with our clients. From a humble beginning within a small section of our current office, Colorado Safety Supply Company has grown exponentially, breaking down walls and expanding to over five warehouses in town. The journey wasn't swift, but it was deliberate.  With No partners and no investors- it has been a choice to grow at a reasonable pace.
I am deeply committed to personal and professional growth within my company. Over the past few years, I have diligently expanded my certifications, attaining the Authorized Trainer for both Construction (500/510) and General Industry (501/511), EM385 Section 21 Competent Person Trainer. Becoming an ATSSA certified trainer has further enriched my knowledge. In the dynamic landscape of construction, general industry, MSHA, Army Corp of Engineers, and Government sectors, it is paramount to me to continually learn and stay well-versed in industry language. This commitment ensures that we speak the same language as we navigate and expand within these diverse sectors.
Today, as we continue to expand in size, always on the verge of expanding our  facilities—it is important to us for you to have a physical location to visit.  Our  store amplifies our supply warehouse and safety training capabilities for contractors and their teams. This evolution is a testament to our commitment, demonstrating that substantial progress is a result of persistence and strategic planning.
Throughout generations, we have proudly stood as a familial community of ironworkers within the structural steel industry. Our dedication transcends the realm of business—our primary focus is on ensuring the education and safety of your employees at every worksite. Fall protection isn't just a profession for us; it's a passion that propels us on a journey to keep families secure by aiding employers in safeguarding their workers.

Always a shout out to our military!  In the realm of safeguarding our nation, who better to trust than our veterans? Stemming from a family deeply rooted in the U.S. Marines, one of our own is profoundly committed to supporting veterans and military families. This personal commitment mirrors our broader mission of ensuring the safety of those who protect us- more military opportunities to come

Colorado Safety Supply Company
100% Woman-owned with M/WBE, DBE, SBE, WOSB certifications.


Tyler Reeves

Sales Manager

Matthew Creasey

Head Safety Consultant

Mike Wehrer

Mobile Safety Manager

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Customer Service Representative

Jen Brewster

and Ben McLagan