Ensuring your safety is our top priority. We equip you with the precise safety gear required for your daily tasks and offer comprehensive training, ensuring you or your loved ones leave your worksite safely every day. Through product offerings and educational initiatives, we keep you informed about upcoming regulations, introduce new and advanced products, and empower you to stay ahead of potential hazards. Our commitment is unwavering—to provide the finest safety and fall protection solutions for workers across all industries, where proper gear and training are indispensable. 



Across generations, we've proudly stood as a family of iron-workers in the structural steel industry. Our commitment goes beyond business—we're dedicated to ensuring the education and safety of your employees on every worksite. Fall protection isn't just a profession for us; it's a passion that drove us to embark on this journey to keep families secure by assisting employers in safeguarding their workers.

And when it comes to safeguarding our nation, who better than our veterans? Hailing from a family of U.S. Marines, one of our own is deeply passionate about supporting veterans and military families. It's a personal commitment that reflects our broader mission of keeping those who keep us safe, even safer.



Valerie Boyd embarked on her journey in 2012, fueled by a dream to make a meaningful impact in an industry she deeply values. Starting with a focus on Fall Protection, our offerings have since expanded to encompass thousands of Safety Items, ensuring safety across all our work-sites. Our mission is to bring you closer to OSHA/ANSI compliance, a crucial goal we tirelessly pursue.

Forging robust relationships with numerous manufacturers, we eagerly anticipate sharing these partnerships with our clients. From a humble beginning within a small section of our current office, Colorado Safety Supply Company has grown exponentially, breaking down walls and expanding to over five warehouses in town. The journey wasn't swift, but it was deliberate.

In 2014, Valerie received guidance from the Aurora-South Metro SBDC through their LEADING EDGE™ Strategic Planning Series, propelling the business towards growth. Today, as we continue to expand in size, we're on the verge of constructing a dedicated facility—a new store that will amplify our supply warehouse and safety training capabilities for contractors and their teams. This evolution is a testament to our commitment, demonstrating that substantial progress is a result of persistence and strategic planning.

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Colorado Safety Supply Company, LLC is 100% woman-owned with 

M/WBE, DBE, SBE, WOSB certifications.