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About Us


Mission Statement

Our mission is to make sure you are safe by outfitting you with the right safety gear and the training to use it properly. We do this by offering both products and education, and by communicating updates on all new regulations so you can stay competitive. We strive to provide the best safety and fall protection products for workers in all industries where proper training and gear is essential.

Valerie's Values

For generations, we have been a family of ironworkers in the structural steel industry. We have a vested interest in keeping your employees educated and safe on every construction site. Fall protection is our passion and the reason we got into the business of keeping families safe by keeping their workers safe.

Speaking of keeping families safe, who keeps us the safest in this country besides our veterans? Also from a family of U.S. Marines, she is passionate about helping veterans and military families. In addition to taking care of workers at every level, we also support veterans' organizations and do business with many companies who hire veterans, some of them exclusively.

We strive to return workers home safely to their families.

Our Story

Valerie Boyd began her journey in 2012 with a dream of being a business owner and working in an industry that she cares deeply about. From starting out in a small section of her current location, to taking it over, to now building a new store, supply warehouse and safety training facility for contractors and their employees, it didn’t happen overnight.

In 2014 Valerie was contacted by the Aurora-South Metro SBDC and was given guidance in growing her business though their LEADING EDGE™ Strategic Planning Series. She is continuously growing in size, and is now planning to build a separate facility to provide safety training, as well as add more safety products for sale and rent.

Colorado Safety Supply Company, LLC is 100% woman-owned with WBE, DBE, SBE, WOSB certifications.