In the bustling world of construction, ensuring safety isn't just a priority—it's a necessity. Colorado Safety Supply stands at the forefront, offering a wide array of services designed to keep your worksite secure and compliant. Specializing in both rentals and repairs, our commitment to excellence ensures that your equipment functions reliably when it matters most.

Services Offered

1. Self-Retracting Lifelines (SRLs)
We specialize in servicing cable-type SRLs, ensuring they meet stringent safety standards. Our meticulous inspections and repairs guarantee that your lifelines perform flawlessly, keeping your team safe at heights.

2. Winches
From heavy-duty industrial winches to specialized models, our repair services ensure that your cable-type winches operate smoothly and safely, meeting the demands of your projects.

3. Horizontal Lifelines
Essential for horizontal fall protection, our maintenance services for horizontal lifelines assure compliance with safety standards, providing peace of mind on every job.

4. Glove and Blanket Testing
Safety isn't just about equipment; it's about every detail. Our thorough testing of gloves and blankets ensures that your personnel are protected from electrical hazards, meeting stringent safety regulations.

5. Gas Monitors (Calibration and Repair)
Accurate gas detection is paramount in hazardous environments. We offer calibration and repair services for gas monitors, ensuring they operate with precision and reliability.

Why Choose Colorado Safety Supply?

At Colorado Safety Supply, we pride ourselves on competitive pricing and unmatched customer service. Our team of certified technicians possesses the expertise to handle a wide range of equipment, maintaining the highest standards of safety and efficiency. Whether you need urgent repairs or are looking to rent reliable equipment for a project, we are your trusted partner in construction safety.

Contact Us Today

For more information on our services and pricing, contact us at 303-537-5832. Let Colorado Safety Supply be your partner in ensuring safety and reliability on the job site. Trust us to keep your equipment in peak condition, because safety is non-negotiable.