Pre-Use Checklist Solutions- Make it easy to show Compliance! Everyday!

Pre-Use Checklist Solutions- Make it easy to show Compliance! Everyday!

Make Sure the Checklist Happens

  • Yellow paddle prompts the operator to perform the (often OSHA required) safety check.
  • If they don’t do it, it’s easy for supervisor to see it hasn’t been done.
  • Often other operators (their buddy) make sure they do it to keep them out of trouble (note having operators prompt each other to do this safety task is a big step forward in achieving a safety culture).

Make it Easy & Be Accountable

  • The checklist reminds the operator what needs to be checked.
  • The checklist itself guides the operator in the order of a walk around check.
  • The operator signs the checklist ensuring they take ownership of the safety of the equipment
  • The second copy (that stays in the book) keeps an audit-able OSHA record.

Display Real Time Safety Status

  • Top copy rips out of book, folds in half, and green/red side is completed and put in front pouch.
  • It is not a generic ‘tag’. It displays the date, time and persons name so anyone can see if the equipment is safe to use for that specific shift (e.g. not a tag left on from yesterday),
  • Red (failed) side becomes job ticket for maintenance that identifies specifically what needs repair reducing down time.
  • Because checks are now happening all the time, it also means the small maintenance issues are found early preventing big problems taking equipment out for long periods of time
  • Maintenance also keep the copy with their records demonstrating the full repair workflow from the initial inspection fail.

The solution is protected by patent and copyright and cannot be purchased anywhere else for a lower price as everyone charges the same.

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