4151 - Deluxe Work Seat with Built-In Harness

Size: One Size Fits All
Precio de venta$271.43


Introducing the 4151 Deluxe Work Seat - Crafted with Precision, Made in the USA!

Elevate your work experience with FrenchCreek's range of exceptionally comfortable work seats, exemplified by the 4151 Deluxe Work Seat. Designed for inspection work, window washing, painting, and general maintenance, our work seats and Bosun’s chairs are the epitome of comfort and functionality.

Key Features:

  • 21″ x 16″ Deluxe Work Seat: Experience unparalleled comfort with our spacious and ergonomic work seat.
  • Built-in Universal Size Harness: Ensuring safety is at the forefront, our work seat comes equipped with a universal size harness for added protection.
  • Spreader Bar and Yoke: Benefit from the convenience of a built-in spreader bar and yoke, enhancing the overall usability of the work seat.

Made in the USA: Rest assured, our 4151 Deluxe Work Seat is proudly manufactured in the USA, guaranteeing top-notch quality and craftsmanship. Crafted out of 3/8″ rigid board, our work seats are built to withstand the rigors of various tasks.

Upgrade your workspace with FrenchCreek - where comfort meets durability, and every seat is a testament to excellence."

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