5-1501 - Aluminum Removable Extension

Style: 5-1501 Climbing Rail Extension-54″ removable stainless steel extension rail
Precio de venta$280.00


Introducing our Rigid Rail Climbing Systems, setting the benchmark for ultimate climbing safety across diverse work environments. This innovative system ensures optimal safety for workers engaged in various climbing activities. Swift and effortless attachment to ladders, step irons, or any climbing surface guarantees a secure ascent. The trolley glides seamlessly along the rail, offering unrestricted movement, and swiftly engages an immediate arrest mechanism in the event of a fall.

Enhance the versatility of your climbing system with our 54″ removable stainless steel extension rail. This addition provides added flexibility and adaptability to your climbing setup, catering to specific needs and scenarios.

Invest in unparalleled safety and adaptability with our Rigid Rail Climbing Systems and the 54″ removable stainless steel extension rail. Elevate your climbing experiences with a system designed for maximum safety and versatility in every ascent

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