TREX 6300TC Ice Traction Device

Size: M
Color: Black
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The TREX™ 6300TC Tungsten Carbide Slip-On Ice Cleats are lightweight ice grips for boots and shoes that provide tenacious traction and extra stability on ice and snow. One-piece design offers grip to prevent slip and fall injuries on the ice. These ice grippers feature 8 rugged tungsten carbide cleats on the ball and heel of foot for extra-firm grip on slippery terrain. Tungsten Carbide is a very hard compound. It rates 9 on the Mohs scale for hardness, second only to a diamond. Because it is so hard, the spike can be thinner, providing better penetration and sharper grip. Available in multiple sizes and will fit over any style of boot or shoe for traction and stability during winter work or other winter outdoor activities. Tested to be flexible in temperatures down to -40°F (-40°C), the stretchable rubber material provides a secure fit and easy slip on/off wear. These snow cleats are lightweight and can be folded small enough to be stored in a pocket or pack when not being worn.

One-Piece Ice Traction Device: delivers tenacious grip and stability for shoes and boots.

SIZING TREX™ Ice Traction should fit snugly on your boot or shoe. Stretchy, one-piece design means no tightening or adjustments needed. Use your shoe/boot size to determine the approximate size.

Common applications include construction, roofing, road work, landscaping and delivery service workers. Also great as hiking spikes, running spikes, ice-fishing cleats, or for shoveling the driveway or walking your dog

Features ONE-PIECE STRETCH DESIGN – Stretchable rubber hugs the toe and heel of a shoe or boot EXTREMELY DURABLE STUDS – Tungsten Carbide studs are stronger and thinner for better penetration and stronger grip FULL FOOT ICE TRACTION – 8 Tungsten Carbide studs line the length of the foot with a thicker under-sole tread and a reinforced toe cap for more durable wear and better grip EASY ON/OFF – Stretchable rubber with a textured interior for a secure fit and large thumb tabs on the heels to make getting on and off easy FLEXIBLE IN EXTREME TEMPS – Tested to remain flexible in temps up to -40°F (-40°C). Stretchable rubber construction won't break in cold temperatures, providing reliable everyday traction COMPACT SIZE – Lightweight and easy to store, available in multiple sizes and fits over any boot or shoe REPLACEMENT STUDS AVAILABLE – TREX™ 6301TC Replacement Studs (sold separately) are easily replaced by popping the old ones out and the new ones in.

Medium fits 5-8 US Mens Large fits 8-11 US Mens XL fits 11-15 US Mens XXL fits 15-18 US Mens These are the ideal winter walking ice cleats for ice or snow. They also work to reduce the risk of a slip and fall injury. Replacement Studs available (sold separately) for years of Item Number - Color - Size 16733 - Black - M 16734 - Black - L 16735 - Black - XL 16736 - Black - 2XL


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