ABC Fire Extinguishers- Tagged REFURBISHED

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Ensure your property is equipped with our 5, 10, and 20 lbs ABC dry chemical fire extinguishers, suitable for job sites, apartment complexes, office buildings, and medical facilities in the Denver, Colorado area. These extinguishers effectively combat Class A, B, and C fires, covering a wide range of fire hazards.

Refurbished Models and Services

We offer refurbished models that meet all safety requirements, providing a cost-effective solution without compromising on safety.

  • Inspections and Servicing: Call now to schedule inspections and servicing for your fire extinguishers.
  • Custom Pricing: Contact us at 303-537-5832 for custom pricing on refurbished fire extinguishers.
  • Fire Safety Classes: Enhance your safety knowledge by attending our comprehensive fire safety classes.

Explore our range of ABC dry chemical fire extinguishers to find the ideal unit for your needs and ensure the highest level of fire safety for your property.


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