Emergency eyewash station, 12 gallon eyewash station

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For a swift and efficient eye debris cleansing experience, the Radians® 12-gallon REW01112 gravity-fed, portable Eyewash Station is your go-to solution. Boasting a one-second, one-step activation, it ensures a continuous 15-minute flow that aligns with ANSI Z358.1 standards. Colorado Safety Supply Company is now offering this system while equipped with MIN and MAX indicators for precise water levels, and its design facilitates wastewater collection and diversion to a container below.

Key Features:

  • Manifold with MIN and MAX lines for accurate water level maintenance
  • Convenient front-facing opening for easy water and preservative replenishment
  • Integrated manifold and base for efficient wastewater capture and drainage into a disposal bin or cart
  • Versatile gravity-fed tanks adaptable for wall mounting, stand usage, or placement on a table/cart
  • Instantaneous flow activation with a quick one-step process
  • Provides a minimum of 15 minutes of non-injurious flow to meet ANSI Z358.1 standards
  • High-visibility green color ensures quick identification in case of injury
  • Comes complete with an easy-to-install wall bracket, portable water preservative, test log card, and drainage hose for comprehensive usability.

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