Gas Clip Single Gas Clip Plus

Style: Hydrogen Sulfide
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• Hibernate Mode - every minute rested is a minute saved of life • Unmatched sensor reliability for H2 S or CO • Adjustable alarm set points & real-time gas reading capability • 0.1 ppm resolution for H2 S sensor and display • Two-way IR comms for event downloads, bump tests & updates • Simple to use one button operation • “Bump Check” confirmation/identification • No hidden service charges or maintenance fees • Lightweight & durable - clamps on tight with alligator clip

Gas Clip Technologies Single Gas Clip PLUS; H₂S or CO
  • Gas Clip Technologies Single Gas Clip Plus or SGC Plus, is the only maintenance free handheld gas detector available with “Hibernate” mode. 
  • “Hibernate” mode allows users to place this disposable single gas detector in a rested state when not in use. 
  • The SGC Plus is perfect for seasonal/turnaround contractors or rental fleets. 
  • When your job or turnaround is finished, simply synchronize the instrument with our IR Link or SGC Dock and put the detector in a rested state. 
  • When you are ready to use the detector again, simply press the power button to reactivate the detector
  • With the SGC Plus, you only pay for the time that the handheld gas detector is in use. 
  • Each SGC Plus will last for 24 months of use and comes with a warranty of 24 months of use or 3 years from activation (whichever comes first). 
  • However, this mode (Hibernate) can only be enabled via IR communication with either the IR Link or SGC Dock accessories (not by a button push), so only authorized personnel can place the units in “hibernate” mode. 
  • The SGC Plus also provides the most advanced maintenance free disposable single gas detector on the market. 
  • Unlike other disposable single gas detectors, the SGC Plus combines a rugged design and reliability with advanced sensor resolution (0.1 ppm for H2S models). 
  • Advanced micro processing capabilities allow for quick unit configuration adjustments to comply with current and future industrial health and safety gas exposure regulations for workers in industrial environments. 
  • Each SGC Plus comes with the following features: 
    • Unmatched sensor reliability for H₂S and CO 
    • “Hibernate” mode 
    • Adjustable alarm set points 
    • Real-time gas reading capability 
    • 0.1 ppm resolution for H2S sensor and display 
    • Two-way IR communication for event downloads, bump tests, unit configuration and firmware updates 
    • Programmable unique 6 digit detector identification 
    • “Bump Check” confirmation/identification 
    • Optional calibration 
    • Calibration confirmation/identification 
    • Docking capability with Gas Clip Technologies SGC Dock 
    • Model numbers: SGC-P-H (H2S) or SGC-P-C (CO)
    • Be sure to compare these features to our Multi Gas Clip and Single Gas Clip to find the right product for your current application. 
  • Bump Check Reminder: 
    • All Single Gas Clip models come standard with the bump check reminder feature. 
    • When activated, if the detector has not been bump tested within the designated interval, the instrument will emit both a flash and show “buP” across the screen alerting the user, peer, or supervisor that the gas bump test is due. 
    • In addition to the flash, the TEST Icon will continually display in the upper left hand corner. 
    • This alert increases user accountability and allows for easier policy enforcement. 
    • Note the flash feature can be disabled within the IR Link software, if desired.
  • Programmable unique 6 digit ID: 
    • Considering the rugged environment these instruments are often exposed to and used in, identification via serial number, sticker, or marker can be unreliable. 
    • With the unique ID feature, units can be identified with a simple push of a button. 
    • Available using both limited alpha and full numeric characters, each unit can be assigned a unique ID utilizing, for example an employee ID number, last 4 digits of SSN, or a job code. 
    • Unique ID’s will also appear on event log reports and bump test logs. 
    • ID’s will be displayed on the detector screen in segments of 3 digits at a time (first 3 digits, then last 3 digits). 
  • Adjustable alarm set points: 
    • To adapt with changing health and safety gas exposure regulations for workers in industrial environments , the Single Gas Clip alarm set points can be easily adjusted via the IR Link software or through the SGC Dock
    • Detectors can also be special ordered with custom alarm set points. 
    • Please contact your Gas Clip Technologies representative for more information.
    • Use the Contact Us page or call 877-844-3101 to order units with custom Alarm Set Points or for bulk pricing
Option Details:
  • H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) Measuring range: 0-100 ppm, Low alarm limit: 10 ppm, High alarm limit: 15 ppm*


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