TREX 6315 Strap-On Heel Ice Traction Device

Size: M/L
Color: Black
Sale price$20.95


Ergodyne 6315 Trex Strap-On Heel Ice Traction Devices are a rugged steel plates that turn boot heels into ice picks, leaving the mid-foot free for vehicle operation.  Add these to your current outdoor footwear and "Climb Higher".


  • Corrosion-resistant steel heel plate provides tenacious grip and stability on ice and snow
  • Heel-only design leaves mid-foot free for unobstructed vehicle operation
  • Channeled design will not retain ice, snow or debris
  • Rugged webbing / hook & loop strap provides a secure fit
  • Rear reflective accents enhance worker conspicuity
  • M/L (US 5-11), XL+ (US 12-16)

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