FDA Approval of Our Covid Testing Kit

Covid 19 Testing Kit FDA approval

At Colorado Safety Supply Company we believe in the importance of validity in regards to any of the products available on this website. The Covid-19 virus has taken a drastic and unimaginable toll on the world and on American families and frankly the words "we are here for you" seem a little hollow at this point. At Colorado Safety Supply we want to make sure that you are there for other people and those most important to you. It is important that human beings know if they're at risk or not and the first step in that process is testing for Covid-19. We have linked the official FDA letter of approval for the product in which we use to determine a positive or negative Covid-19 diagnosis. Telling you all about the efficacy of our product is one thing but we would rather show you, if you click the link below you will be taken to the official FDA approval of our provider's Covid-19 testing kit. Our testing kits are over 90 percent effective, PCR lab-based, and will send the results to the CDC via a free phone app that will allow you to travel domestically and internationally. 


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