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We offer gas detection equipment rentals and expert maintenance services, including repairs and calibrations, conveniently handled at our facility.

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    Engineered Systems

    An engineered system, in the context of safety and fall protection, refers to a meticulously designed and customized solution that is created to address specific challenges or requirements in a particular environment. Engineered systems are often developed by professionals such as safety engineers, structural engineers, or other specialists to provide tailored solutions for complex scenarios.

    Key characteristics of engineered systems include:

    1. Customization: Engineered systems are designed based on a thorough analysis of the specific conditions, hazards, and needs of a particular workplace or situation. This ensures that the system is precisely tailored to address the unique challenges of that environment.

    2. Compliance: These systems are developed in accordance with relevant safety standards, regulations, and industry best practices. Compliance ensures that the engineered solution meets established safety criteria and legal requirements.

    3. Integration: Engineered systems are often integrated into the existing infrastructure of a facility. This may involve incorporating the system into the design of a building or structure, ensuring seamless functionality and coexistence with other safety measures.

    4. Professional Expertise: The design and implementation of engineered systems require the expertise of professionals with a deep understanding of safety, engineering principles, and the specific industry or environment in question. This may involve collaboration between safety experts, engineers, and other specialists.

    5. Versatility: Engineered systems are versatile and can be adapted to various situations. They are not one-size-fits-all solutions but rather flexible frameworks that can be adjusted to accommodate different conditions and requirements.

    Common examples of engineered systems in safety include fall protection systems, machine guarding solutions, and industrial ventilation systems. These systems are purpose-built to provide the highest level of safety and protection in complex or challenging work environments.

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    Thank you Mike Whehrer for coming out and servicing our extinguishers!! Always great customer service with the Colorado Safety team ! My #1 go to for all my safety needs !!

    Roxanne Ricks

    Denver CO


    Colorado safety company is a great company to do business with. Knowledgeable staff. Super friendly. They are always going above and beyond! If you need any industrial/construction safety items do yourself a favor and reach out to Val and her crew! Such a solid group of people.

    Denver CO


    I took an OSHA 30 class with Matthew Creasey. Safety stuff can be really boring and arduous, but Matthew kept the class surprisingly lively and entertaining. He is obviously skilled and experienced in safety and presented relevant material in each section of the class. He kept all the participants engaged throughout the whole course. Matthew and the rest of the Colorado Safety Supply staff were very welcoming and even provided delicious home cooked snacks on one of the days for the whole class. I learned a ton and would absolutely revisit Colorado Safety Supply Company for any future trainings. I highly recommend!

    Josh Baker

    Denver CO


    Outstanding EM385, course instructor kept class engaged and facility staff were helpful and awesome!

    David Brown

    Denver CO


    Hands down one of the best places I’ve ever been too I’m a cdl driver and needed ppe equipment and was in a pinch friendly service fast and reliable and a wide selection happy to say they will be receiving 100% of my services if I’m ever in need highly highly recommend

    Gavin Gray

    Denver CO


    They were here at the company I work for Rk and were very informative
    and knowledgeable!

    Michelle Hysell

    Denver, CO


    Favorite part of Fall Protection 8 Hour: John held my attention so well. I was surprised how well I was able to follow and engage.

    Thanks John



    Fall Protection: Thank you, John! This was eye opening considering all of the potential hazards at work. Now we can address them and build a safer work environment!


    "John, our trainer held my attention so well. I was surprised how well I was able to follow and engage"

    Aurora, CO