Web Flexible Access Ladder

Size: WL-10- 10 Ft Web Access Ladder
Sale price$276.00


Introducing the WL-10 Flexible Access Ladder, proudly made in the USA by FrenchCreek. Our flexible access ladders are meticulously crafted with high-strength webbing and feature 1-1/4″ round fiberglass rungs, each spanning 12 inches in width. The versatile design allows for the connection of multiple ladders using carabiners, offering customizable lengths to suit your specific needs.

The 10-foot flexible web ladder is a reliable choice for various applications. Included with the ladder are two #354-4 carabiners, ensuring a secure and robust connection. Should you require an extended or custom length, we offer the flexibility to accommodate your unique requirements.

Elevate your access solutions with the WL-10 Flexible Access Ladder – a testament to quality craftsmanship, adaptability, and American-made excellence. Choose FrenchCreek for a reliable and versatile access solution that prioritizes both safety and customization.

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