Do you have older Fall Protection equipment that is just gathering dust and not being used and could be purposefully retired for something new from an industry leader in Fall Protection? Check out this cool event from 3M Fall Protection that can give you a trade-in value for you or your employee's old harnesses and Fall Protection gear. 3M is currently offering trade-in rebates for over 1200 products from 3M, DBI-SALA and, 3M Protecta. We will be including the trade-in link right here as well as at the bottom of the page. New customers to the 3M brand can trade-in older products from other Fall Protection brands and purchase new gear from 3M. You can find 3M Fall Protection products on our own Colorado Safety Supply website as well. To complete your trade-in, you will need the following…  

1.Digital copy of your receipt of purchase from a 3M authorized distributor
2.Digital images proving your old equipment was taken out of service (e.g. Harnesses with D-rings cut off, SRLs & Lanyards with hooks cut off) 


The estimator for what your gear is worth can be found here. Take a look at this is a cool offer from a well-trusted brand that is a win-win for everyone. 


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