Mobile Anchor Points: The Best Solution for your OSHA Roof Safety Concerns?

Mobile Anchor Points: The Best Solution for your OSHA Roof Safety Concerns?


    Whether it is a job site or a building with ongoing maintenance, rooftops have hazards! It is the on the rooftop every job site employer has a firm obligation to know the exposures and provide safety in all forms!  There are many options that can be considered and considerations whether it be guardrails, parapet anchors, beam straps, roof carts, door-jam anchors, beamers, mobile anchors with weights, mesh netting or pre-engineered systems for both fall arrest and restraint. 


        Did you know that falling remains the number one killer in construction for another year in a row?  Despite how hard we try to find solutions for workers to utilize daily, to prevent accidents they still happen.  Ultimately it comes down to this; employees are getting little to no training and/or employees are not utilizing the right equipment for the job.  Fall Protection is tough and there is no way to sugar coat it.  Most of the time it is thinking outside of the box, asking the right people for advice on Fall Protection options, solutions that have been tested and approved. New Fall Protection equipment is being produced and being rigorously tested daily. So, don’t hesitate to call Colorado Safety Supply to ask what is new and cool out in the world of construction safety. 


     There are times where on a roof where there is no tie off points, and/or it is requested NOT to penetrate the roof. We supply many Mobile Anchor Points options that can be used for Fall Protection at different heights.  Specifically, for the rooftops- they are an option to stay in compliance but offering an anchor point where a streamlined Fall Protection device is not as practical. Mobile Anchor Points produce a secure station for attaching lifelines, without the need for tearing into roof material and can be easily moved from job site to job site without damaging the material of the roof. 


    So that begs the question, what exactly are Mobile Anchor Points? We are going to discuss one of a handful of Mobile Anchors Points with weights. 


    A Mobile Anchor Point is manufactured to meet ANSI standards and satisfy OSHA requirements while providing workers with a safe and stable connection to prevent an accident or injury. They are composed of weighted sections that provide enough counterweight to provide both fall arrest and fall restraint that prevents a worker from falling. These weighted sections are designed to not disrupt the surface of the roof and can easily be broken down, transported, and built again making them both mobile and practical for job site use.


     Those are some tall orders in regard to not damaging a site’s roof and or material, what if you have a leading-edge exposure?  But where there is a will, there is a way and there is always a way!  Just ask us, Call Colorado Safety Supply Company – tell us about your exposures and needs- we will find you the right equipment!


Just to remind you of the most pertinent benefits to using Mobile Anchor Points? 

-They can be used on flat top roofs                                          

-They are a non-penetrating anchors, meaning no damage to the roof when you are done. 

-They can be used in conjunction with any common fall protection system and two or more horizontal anchor lifelines can be used. 

-They provide temporary or permanent fall protection for a job site that can be easily moved from one location to another.  


     Last week at Colorado Safety Supply we had Ashely from Tie Down, a leader in fall safety technology come in and show us some of Tie Down’s exciting new mobile anchor products. Colorado Safety Supply was left excited and impressed with the Bigfoot lineup that was good for concrete, TPO, and EPDM roof material. The Bigfoot had special features like being designed for one worker in arrest and two in restraint, a Jack feature makes mobility very easy and included rigging rings for lifting.  3m Fall Protection came into Colorado Safety Supply this week to discuss the Perimeter limiter leading-edge anchor- a system that can provide an anchor for leading-edge work when no overhead anchor is available, it is a freestanding, non-penetrating anchor for two users, easy to install!  Guardian offers an easy to install water-filled, deadweight anchor made out of fire-resistant Neoprene. Garlock offers a non-penetrating, free-standing anchor point for two- can be placed on flat surfaces with a maximum incline of 5%. So as you can see there are options- We hope Colorado Safety Supply can help you find the right one. 


   Even with the most stringent fall protection systems in place, accidents are always a possibility and it's best to be prepared. Training employees on the current fall safety procedures is imperative and taking the steps needed in evaluating your employees is as well. Encourage your workers and colleagues to watch each other’s backs and to ensure everyone is following the guidelines mandated by OSHA. At Colorado Safety Supply, we provide fall safety training and top of the line fall safety products for purchase. Click here to see our schedule for upcoming training classes. 


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