15170 Parapet Clamp Guardrail System

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Introducing the Parapet Clamp Guardrail System – your premier solution for safeguarding structural parapets. Engineered for reliability and ease of installation, this system provides unparalleled fall prevention capabilities.

Crafted from a combination of powder-coated steel and zinc-plated steel, the Parapet Clamp Guardrail System offers exceptional durability to withstand the elements. Its innovative design allows for easy adjustment to fit a wide range of parapet widths, ranging from 4" to 24".

What sets this system apart is its simplicity and effectiveness. With no penetrations required, installation is a breeze, relying solely on an adjustable clamp to securely fasten to the structure. Each clamp comes complete with a system-specific guardrail post (part # 15175), ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

Key Features:

  • Wide adjustability range to fit parapets of varying widths
  • No-penetration installation for minimal structural impact
  • Durable construction for long-lasting reliability


  • Product weight: 23LB / 10.43KG
  • Product length: 28.5'' / 71.12CM
  • Product height: 10.4'' / 25.40CM

For comprehensive fall protection and peace of mind, trust the Parapet Clamp Guardrail System to deliver unmatched safety for your projects.

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