Climbing trolley for straight vertical aluminum rail

Style: 2-1221A-AT Climbing trolley for curved/straight aluminum rail
Precio de venta$327.00


Experience unparalleled climbing safety with our Rigid Rail Climbing Systems, meticulously designed to ensure the utmost security for workers in diverse climbing environments. Our cutting-edge rail system swiftly and effortlessly attaches to ladders, step irons, or any climbing surface, offering a seamless ascent. The climbing trolley, specifically engineered for straight vertical aluminum rails, moves with unparalleled freedom and ease, ensuring a secure and efficient climb. In the event of a fall, the trolley acts promptly, engaging an immediate arrest mechanism. Elevate your safety standards with our precision-designed Climbing Trolley for Straight Vertical Aluminum Rail – where safety, efficiency, and innovation converge for a superior climbing experience.

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