Action™ Kevlar®/Wire-Core™ Glove with Steel-Mesh Liner and Leather Palms (1 doz)

Size: Small
Precio de venta$185.40


The Action™ protects against the triple hazards of cut, puncture and abrasion. This is achieved by a trifecta of super-strong materials, like our ultra-flexible cut-resistant mesh layer that can barely be felt between the Kevlar® string-knit body and supple split-leather palms. This mesh layer renders them so effective against cut hazard that they've become an industry standard with a rating of level ANSI A6. They also feature an equally impressive puncture resistance rating of ANSI level 4 (measured at 21.9 pounds of pressure).


The key to all this is our engineered steel mesh layer in the middle that provides fully flexible cut resistance, less hand fatigue and improved dexterity. Durable, A-grade, Tri-tan leather palms wrap around the back of the fingers and around the entire thumb and is sewn onto the knit glove body using Kevlar® thread. With seams kept away from critical wear areas, the Action™ keeps going long after other gloves find their way to the garbage bin. This wraparound palm also ensures greater protection on the side and tips of the fingers.


Glove body is knit from a composite blend of Wire-Core™ steel and Kevlar®, for a much higher cut rating than our regular Kevlar®, so that even the back of the hand scores an ANSI cut-level A4 (1700 grams of cut resistance). Snug knit wrists are made longer so gloves stay securely in place.


Kevlar® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

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