Clutch Gear® Hi-Viz Mechanics Glove Lined with Punkban™ (1 doz)

Size: S
Precio de venta$383.40


Clutch Gear® slip-on high-viz glove features textured PVC Sure Grip® palms for durable grip in oil in just the right places. Reinforced palms provide abrasion, slash and penetration protection with ASTM F2878 4.78 newtons of puncture protection. Yet flexible enough for full range of hand movement, while backs are a fluorescent lime green offering hi-viz advantages.

Stretch-nylon backs provide great dexterity and unimpeded hand functioning. Close fit means no loose material to get caught up in machinery. Finger tips feature textured wraparound PVC Sure Grip® for added grip, and soft fabric patch on the thumb for wiping sweat or drippy noses.

Punkban™ offers puncture protection in a woven material. This pioneering breakthrough has been made possible by bringing together innovative, leading edge textile technology to combine spinning and weaving of Kevlar® by a unique method pioneered by Superior Glove The resultant puncture resistant woven fabric is light and supple.

This engineered fabric is incorporated in our exclusive range of gloves that provide incredible puncture protection. You’ll experience dexterity like never before in the new Punkban™ series of gloves.

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