FT-R™ Class 2 Leading Edge SRL's with 20' -60' Galvanized Steel Cable

Size: 721520LE- FT-R™ Class 2 Leading Edge SRL with 20' Galvanized Steel Cable
Precio de venta$584.00


Introducing our cutting-edge Cable Class 2 Leading Edge SRL, setting a new standard with a remarkable 32% reduction in weight compared to traditional 30' models. The 11/64" galvanized steel cable lifeline, equipped with a swivel snap hook, ensures both strength and flexibility for various applications.

Experience innovative performance with a redesigned energy absorber that delivers consistent results in diverse environmental conditions. The Viewpack® features full fall clearance diagrams and charts, providing comprehensive information at your fingertips. Our improved internal mechanism minimizes unintentional lockups, enabling workers to move freely and maintain productivity.

Installation and transportation are simplified with swiveling anchor and leg-end connectors, coupled with an integrated carrying handle. As an industry first, our SRL features a UV-resistant and scratch-resistant label, ensuring legible warnings and prolonged unit service life.

Included is a steel anchorage carabiner with a 1.2" gate opening, enhancing secure connections. Compliant with ANSI Z359.14-2021 Class 2 SRL standards, our leading-edge solution combines lightweight design, enhanced safety features, and regulatory compliance for a superior fall protection experience. Upgrade to innovation – invest in the Cable Class 2 Leading Edge SRL that redefines lightweight performance in the industry.

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