Intellidox Docking Module (BW Technologies by Honeywell)

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Introducing our single-gas detector, engineered for hassle-free operation and extended longevity. With a simple turn-on mechanism, this detector operates continuously for up to two years without requiring calibration, sensor replacement, battery changes, or charging. Compatible with both IntelliDoX and MicroDock II instrument management systems, it offers seamless integration into your existing setup.

Key Features:

  • Compact and Lightweight Design: Featuring a compact, lightweight design with 1-button operation for ease of use.

  • Robust Construction: Engineered to withstand a variety of harsh environments and extreme temperatures, ensuring reliable performance in challenging conditions.

  • Automatic Diagnostics: Automatically conducts one internal diagnostic test every 24 hours, ensuring continuous reliability.

  • Event Logging: Automatically logs the 35 most recent gas events and bump test results, facilitating convenient recordkeeping.

  • Hibernation Capability: The H2S and CO 2-year models can be placed in hibernation mode when not in use for a week or more, effectively extending their lifespan by that period of time, up to a year.

  • Wide-Angle Flash: Equipped with a wide-angle flash, which alerts simultaneously with audible and vibrating alarms for enhanced safety.

Experience hassle-free gas detection with our single-gas detector, designed for reliability and ease of use in diverse environments.

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