3M™ Safety-Walk™ Step and Ladder Tread

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Key Features:

  • Enhanced Safety: Create a safer walking surface indoors or outdoors, particularly in wet conditions or high-traffic areas.

  • Durability: Resistant to wear, ensuring prolonged use and reliability.

  • Easy Application: Equipped with a self-adhesive backing for a quick and straightforward application on clean metal surfaces.

  • Versatility: Available in pre-cut and customizable rolls to suit various work projects, adhering smoothly to clean, dry wood, concrete, and stone surfaces with contact adhesive like 3M 90 Spray adhesive.

  • Comfort and Safety: Suitable for use on exercise and sports equipment, providing a comfortable surface for barefoot walking.

  • Stair Tread Solution: Ideal for use as stair treads, contributing to a safer stairway environment.

  • Compliance: Helps meet OSHA and ADA coefficient of friction recommendations, ensuring regulatory compliance.

3M™ Safety Walk™ Rolls and Strips:

3M™ Safety Walk™ Rolls and Strips are a reliable solution to prevent slips and falls. With a variety of sizes, colors, and materials, these products offer flexibility to cater to diverse needs.

Safety-Walk™ Indoor/Outdoor Tapes and Treads:

Designed for multiple surfaces, including diving boards, entryways, and stair treads, these tapes and treads provide reliable traction. Whether applied to the sides of a treadmill or reinforcing deck steps, trust in the robust grip of 3M™ Safety-Walk™ Indoor/Outdoor Tapes and Treads for enhanced safety and peace of mind.

Elevate safety with the powerful and versatile 3M™ Safety-Walk™ solutions, ensuring a secure walking environment in various settings.

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