Chemstop Terry-lined Heavy-duty Neoprene Chemical Resistant Gloves (1 doz)

Superior GloveSKU: NE240TKL-9

Size: 9
Sale price$271.80


Heavy-duty neoprene gloves feature acrylic terry lining for thermal insulation. Diamond-grip finish on palms for increased wet/dry grip. Neoprene has good abrasion, cut and even heat resistance, which makes it a great choice for working in both the food industry (deep fryers) and the petrochemical industry. The extended cuffs provide 20” of coverage and protection. Gloves are suitable for hot/cold liquid applications as well as steam applications like autoclaves or any situation where intermittent contact up to 400°F occurs. (The time to pain at 200° C/392°F is 16 seconds). Note: gloves will tolerate brief exposure to flame, but are not recommended for use around open flame.

Neoprene resists the effects of aging, sunlight, ozone, oxidation and weather, as well as a broad range of oils and chemicals that attack natural rubber gloves like acids, caustics, oils, grease, and many solvents.

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