ABUS Power plug lockout P110 110V Electrical & Switch Lockout Device

type: P110 110V
Sale price$14.72


P110–550 SAFEGUARDING PLUGS FROM UNAUTHORIZED CONNECTIONS TO POWER SUPPLIES These plug lockouts come in two sizes suitable for standard or high-voltage current plugs.

The lockout securely encloses the plug, preventing the machine or device from being connected to the power supply.

Application Example: P110-P550 FEATURES UTILIZATION AND USAGE OPTIONS DOCUMENTATION Constructed with high-quality polypropylene for durability, resilience, and non-conductivity Available in two sizes: suitable for standard plugs or high-voltage plugs Equipped with cable tunnels on both sides to secure plug connections Includes warning stickers in various languages Can accommodate up to 4 padlocks with shackle diameters of up to 23/64"


  • P110: Small, for standard plugs
  • P550: Big, for high-voltage plugs

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