ABUS Padlock aluminum 72/40HB75 (keyed different)

Color: Blue- KD
Sale price$23.93


72/40 LOCKOUT/TAGOUT SOLUTION: 72/40 AND 72IB/40 TITALIUM™ Crafted for industrial and trade settings, our Titalium padlock boasts a sturdy lock body constructed from special aluminum, ensuring remarkable heat resistance.

Available in ten distinct colors, these padlocks can be effortlessly assigned and distinguished by area or user, making them perfect for workplace security, including main switch lockouts. The Series 72 and 74 locks can be seamlessly integrated into a locking system, providing versatile applications.

ABUS delivers security solutions for industry and trade with these vibrant aluminum padlocks, suitable for securing various spaces like doors, gates, cabinets, lockers, tool boxes, basements, sheds, and switchgears. Upon request, they can be keyed alike, offering convenience in key management with lock numbers imprinted on each key.

  • Lock body crafted from TITALIUM™ special aluminum – ensuring high security with low weight
  • Hardened steel shackle featuring NANO PROTECT™ plating for unparalleled corrosion resistance
  • ABUS precision 6-pin cylinder, re- keyable to match an existing key
  • Double-bolted design for added security
  • Self-locking feature: lock without a key by pushing down the shackle
  • Colored aluminum lock body for corrosion resistance
  • IB: shackle made from stainless steel
  • Includes two keys
  • Product validated by ULE

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