Aerial Lift /Scissor Lift Certification- 4 hour

Duration: 4 Hours
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* You need to call 303-537-5832 and schedule classes or go here  and see what is upcoming some classes are based on demand, availability, and class size*Pricing subject to change.
Min Students: 5   Max Students: 25
  • The main objective of this session is to work safely on aerial lifts. By the time the session is over, employees should be able to identify aerial lift hazards, safely operate equipment, inspect the equipment, and take necessary precautions when working in or near an aerial lift to prevent accidents and injuries. Use this PowerPoint presentation to train your workers on aerial lift safety. This topic covers aerial lifts and scissor lifts which are defined as any vehicle-mounted device with a bucket to lift personnel. There are various names for aerial lifts, including “bucket truck,” “cherry picker, and “snorkel lift.” 
  • OSHA requirements for aerial lifts include equipment design standards, safe work practices, fall protection, electrical system testing, the safety factor for hydraulic and pneumatic components, and welding work. Construction and general industry standards are very similar, with minor differences for firefighting equipment and training. 

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