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The toughest workplaces demand the toughest boot. Packed with features, the #994 will protect your feet like no other.

Packed into this 6” high, black leather boot is an arsenal of protection that will keep you safe in numerous environments. Blundstone 994 offers water resistant uppers and heat resistant outsoles for up to 1000°F; the slip resistant rubber outsoles are also resistant to oil, acid, and organic fat - for increased functionality in various industries, including agriculture and farming. To augment the longevity of these boots, they come with molded TPU toe guards for leather protection. ASTM F2413-11 M I/75C/75 Mt/75 PR EH standard compliant, these boots have steel toe caps that provide impact and compression protection, non-metallic puncture resistant insoles for penetration protection, soles that protect against electrical hazards - able to withstand 14,000 volts at 60 HZ for one minute, and metatarsal guards made of PORON® XRD™ for protecting the metatarsals from impact. The PORON® XRD™ absorbs up to 90% of shock delivered upon impact while still allowing for flexibility and ease of movement. For increased durability, Blundstone 994 is stitched with Kevlar®, which also gives additional heat protection. Made with a Bamboo lining, the boots offer thermal regulation, providing extensive comfort during all day wear. These steel toe boots are designed to withstand a variety of hazards during the long work day, making sure that your feet come out intact no matter what perils they encounter.

Blundstone 994 XFOOT Rubber ankle lace-up steel toe boots have the following features:

  • Meet ASTM F2413-11 M I/75C/75 Mt/75 PR EH standards
  • Boots have electrical hazard resistant soles and heels, for protection against electric shock
  • Upper is made out of water resistant black premium leather for usability in non-dry conditions; boots are 6” tall
  • Bamboo lining provides thermal regulation for all day wear
  • Seven eyelet lace up design features lace locking device to ensure that boot fit is snug
  • All-around extra heavy duty boots are oil, acid, and organic fat resistant, for heightened utility in industrial, agricultural, and farming environments
  • Boots offer extensive metatarsal protection against impact, with the padded leather tongue and collar PORON® XRD™ metatarsal guard, extending all the way to the steel toe cap; guard absorbs up to 90% of impact energy at high strain rates
  • Molded design of guard provides protection that is flexible, contouring, and lightweight, offering the user easy bending and flexing of the feet
  • Guard’s structure has channels that aid in the flow of air and moisture, increasing the boots’ breathability
  • Layer built into insole is puncture resistant, made from a non-metallic material which is safer than steel, resisting penetration by even smaller diameter nails, as well as other objects; offers flexible and comfortable movement
  • PU inner soles offer arch support and feature PORON® XRD™ for cushioning and shock absorption, providing comfortable wear
  • Heavy duty rubber outsoles with tread and flexible, lightweight polyurethane midsoles can withstand up to 1000°F, simultaneously providing top-notch slip and cut resistance
  • Boots have full Kevlar® stitching for heightened durability and heat resistance
  • Type 1 steel toe caps are broad fitting and impact resistant up to 200 joules, for excellent protection
  • Leather protection provided by the molded TPU toe guards
  • Steel shanks ensure the correct step flex point, as well as assist with torsional stability

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