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In the realm of unexpected and challenging scenarios, Colorado Safety Supply Company proudly introduces the Modulator Extreme. This isn't just your ordinary first aid kit—it's a holistic solution crafted for the most demanding situations. Tailored for the needs of remote workers, farmers, and individuals navigating hazardous environments like mines, construction sites, or forestry, the Modulator Extreme, brought to you by Colorado Safety Supply Company, stands out with its:


Raising the bar in the industry, this kit ingeniously integrates crucial first aid components into six easily identifiable modules. With a tourniquet and Israeli bandages included, the Modulator Extreme comes packaged in a sturdy, practical, and easily accessible case. Geared for emergencies, it goes the extra mile by providing space for you to incorporate your chosen Heartsine AED*, making it an all-encompassing safety solution. Trust Colorado Safety Supply Company to deliver unparalleled preparedness in challenging situations.

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