GX-3R RKI Portable Gas monitor

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GX-3R Portable Gas Monitor

Item Code: 203762

  • Compact and Lightweight: The GX-3R is the smallest and lightest multi-gas monitor on the market, measuring just 2.2" W x 2.55" H x 1.02" D and weighing only 3.52 ounces.

  • Simultaneous Detection: Capable of detecting up to 5 gases simultaneously, including LEL, O2, H2S, CO, or H2 Compensated CO sensor.

  • User-Friendly Operation: Features simple 2-button operation for ease of use.

  • Comprehensive Alarm System: Equipped with audible, visual, and vibration alarms for prompt notification of gas hazards.

  • Customizable Alarm Levels: Users can adjust alarm levels according to their specific requirements with 3 adjustable settings.

  • Robust Construction: Designed with an impact-resistant body and removable rubber boot for added durability.

  • Clear Display: Boasts a large LCD auto-backlit display for easy reading in various lighting conditions.

  • Long Battery Life: Offers up to 25 hours of operation with a lithium-ion battery, ensuring extended use in the field.

  • Field Replaceable Components: Sensors and filters are easily replaceable in the field, minimizing downtime.

  • Rugged Design: Water and dust resistant with an IP66/68 rating, suitable for use in harsh environments.

  • Non-Compliance Indicator: Alerts users to non-compliance situations, ensuring safety protocols are followed.

  • 3-Year Warranty: Backed by a 3-year warranty for added peace of mind.

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