Chemstop™ Nitrile Gloves with Crushed Ceramic-Powder Grip Finish... (1 doz)

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Chemstop™ Nitrile Gloves with Crushed Ceramic-Powder Grip Finish and Anti-Impact Chloroprene Backs


Nitrile rubber is a co-polymer of acrylonitrile and butadiene that provides excellent resistance to punctures, cuts, snags and abrasion. It has good functional performance in temperatures ranging from -4° to 149°C (25° to 300°F) and considerable resistance to oils, fuels, and certain organic solvents. Superior’s NT230VSB nitrile gloves have a fantastic grip on oily surfaces, because of the addition of crushed ceramic powder to the hand portion of the glove, making them ideal for handling oily metal parts. This ceramic powder grip coat is porous, channeling oil and liquids away from the surface for an enhanced wet grip. This tough coating is resistant to snags, punctures and abrasion, and is dipped while on a special, ergonomically-designed hand form for superior fit and comfort.

On the backs, a formed vibration-dampening Chloroprene polymer protects against repetitive impact. This structure is highly flexible and won’t impede hand movement.

Also available with an 18” cuff (#NT250VSB) sizes L - XL

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