ABUS Safelex™ Universal Cable Lockout C503-C515 with 3',6',9' or 15' lengths

Length: 3
Sale price$36.37


C503-C515 VERSATILE LOTO SOLUTION: These cable lockouts offer a versatile solution for securing valves, hand wheels, door hardware, or access points against unauthorized access.

The Safelex™ cable lockouts feature sheathed steel cable with clear plastic coating, available in lengths of 3’, 6’, 9’, or 15’. The clamping mechanism ensures a secure hold and can be easily retightened, even when in a locked position. Application Example: C503-515  User-friendly design for easy application Patented grip mechanism ensures secure cable fixation Retightening possible at any time, even when locked Isolated, interchangeable metal cable available in various lengths Can accommodate up to 6 padlocks

Variant sizes include

3", 6", 9", 15"

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