Tie Down Universal Guardrails

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* This is a special made-to-order product, please call 303-537-5832 for pricing and go to our website homepage to download the Tie Down catalog for other Tie Down Products and accessories.

The Universal Guardrail by Tie Down is the easiest and fastest to install. 

Designed to provide fall protection for workers near the roof edge. These activities are to be performed on flat, level roofs only with a maximum pitch of 1/2 in. per foot (.5/12). Any other use of the Universal System not mentioned here voids the manufacturer’s warranty and is the sole responsibility of the owner/worker should any damage or injuries occur.

Guardrails offer a great alternative to an active fall protection system, which consists of
a harness, lanyard, and anchor point. This passive fall protection option offers you the
freedom of movement while not getting in the way of the job at hand.


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