ATSSA Flagger Certification

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Please call 303-537-5832 to schedule your classes, or check out our Training Calendar to view upcoming sessions. Availability, demand, and class size may affect scheduling. Note that prices are subject to change.

Course Length: 1 Hour 

Course Description: This training is required prior to providing any temporary traffic control or direction within any highway, road, or street maintenance or construction work area. This flagger training is approved by CDOT and attendees will receive an ATSSA Flagger Certification the same day which is accepted nationwide. It meets the requirements outlined in C.R.S. 43-5-308(2)(b). 

Flagger Training Learning Outcomes: 

  • Identify hazards associated with flagger responsibilities and potential mitigations
  • Understand how to provide safe, polite, and authoritative directions to traffic seeking passage through a work area
  • Understand standard flagger control references, signals, and standard practices


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