Confined Space Entry/English- 4 hour Class

Duration: 4 hours
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* You need to call 303-537-5832 and schedule classes or go here  and see what is upcoming some classes are based on demand, availability, and class size*
Min Students: 5  Max Students: 25

OSHA's rule for confined spaces (construction) covers employers with employees working in confined spaces on construction worksites with one or more confined spaces. Confined space activities beyond maintenance such as construction, alteration, and/or repair, including painting and decorating, are covered under the construction rule. Sites include buildings, residences, highways, bridges, tunnels, utility lines, and other types of projects. Also potentially affected are general contractors, as well as specialty-trade construction contractors, and employers engaged in some types of residential construction work.

EMPLOYEES: • The rule includes requirements for training, identification, and assessment of confined spaces, hazard analysis, entering, working, exiting, and rescue for confined spaces containing a variety of different hazards.

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