Illumagear White Halo SL 360 Light- S100010-101

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Product Description

 The new Illumagear Halo SL Light is here and is a upgrade from the original system. Built for specifically for the job site and not the camp site, this halo light has an incredible drop rating and a variety of different lighting modes. Rechargeable battery and a single battery charger that has USB and wall charging capabilities, all included

Illumagear S100010-101 White Halo SL Light Features

- All white light
- Lightweight and cord-free
- 360° visibility for a quarter-mile
- 50-foot spotlight
- Powerful flood task lighting
- Compatible with any standard hard hat
- NEW Battery life indicator
- Charger included
- Matte Black
- Water resistant

Illumagear S100010-101 White Halo Light Specifications

- Dimensions: 262 x 332 x 28.5 mm
- Max Light: 360° mode: 276 lumens
- Spot Light: 406 lumens
- Task Light: 262 lumens
- Battery Type: Single Lithium Ion 18650 cell; 3.5Ah
- Battery Life: 1.5 - 121+ hours
- Water Resistance: Submersion up to 1 meter for 30 minutes
- Dielectric Strength: 30,000V (min)
- IP67 - Dust-proof & Water Resistant

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