KASK WHE00117 Primero

Color: Black Non-Vented
Sale price$129.00


Introducing the KASK WHE00117 Primero

At KASK, our unwavering dedication to safety, comfort, and cutting-edge design has culminated in the creation of a helmet that effortlessly delivers advanced head protection for everyone.

Conforming to or surpassing ANSI Z89.1 TYPE I - CLASS E HT LT EN 12492 standards, the KASK WHE00117 Primero boasts the following features:

  • Size: Universally accommodating
  • Temperature of use: -22°F / +140°F
  • Advanced Lite Chinstrap: Offering 5 adjustment points and an EN color-coded fastener.
  • 2Dry Liner: Equipped with moisture-wicking fabric technology for enduring comfort throughout the day.
  • Easy Click System: Integrated slots for eye and face protection, adapters required.
  • Eego Fit System: Adjusts vertically and cradles the back of the neck for a secure fit.
  • Ring to Hook: A chinstrap loop securely attaching the helmet to a harness.
  • Click-In System: An attachment system facilitating easy snap-in and snap-out padding.
  • Earmuff Attachment Slots: 30 mm EURO slots for convenient earmuff attachment.
  • Replaceable Lamp Clips: Four removable nylon lamp attachment clips.

Ensuring protection against side, front, and rear impacts, the KASK WHE00117 Primero meets rigorous standards for shock energy absorption capacity, penetration resistance, retention system strength, and effectiveness.

Experience the pinnacle of safety, comfort, and design with the KASK WHE00117 Primero helmet.

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