Clutch Gear Open-Finger Framers Glove (1 doz)

Superior GloveSKU: MXF/M

Size: M
Sale price$124.20


These Clutch Gear® Open Finger Framers Mechanics Glove found the perfect balance between protection and ease of motion. The synthetic leather palm has a reinforced thumb crotch and two grip patches on the palm to increase the glove’s lifespan against abrasion and ANSI level 3 puncture resistance.

The three-open finger styling of these Clutch Gear® gloves lets the thumb, index and middle finger be unencumbered for ease of performance in construction and framing jobs. Stretch nylon backs provides extra dexterity and neoprene comfort cuffs with adjustable Velcro closures ensure the gloves will be snug without being too tight.

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