Contender™ Heavyweight Cut-Resistant Black Kevlar® Glove (1 doz)

Superior GloveSKU: SBKG/XS

Size: XS
Sale price$104.40


You can expect great cut protection in this black Kevlar® glove. The glove is a heavyweight knit (a pair of large gloves, for example, weighs 96 grams - this is 60% heavier than a standard weight Kevlar® knit glove). This means improved protection, wear and abrasion resistance.

This heavyweight knit is also reinforced with a composite filament fiber to increase cut and wear resistance, allowing this glove to achieve ANSI cut-level A5 protection. This black Kevlar® glove not only looks sharp, but is designed to hide dirt, permitting the gloves to maintain their visual appeal longer between washes in industrial settings.

Additionally, the glove passed a 10-second flame test, meaning it is suitable for job applications with heat and sparks.

Kevlar® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

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