Emerald CX 7-Gauge Cut-Resistant Slabber Glove

Superior GloveSKU: SCX4D6C

Size: S - XL
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These highly cut-resistant composite gloves are specialized, with features like an extra-long knit wrist and a unique dotting pattern that leaves part of your hand free of grip - two critical aspects of protection against hazard in the pulp and paper industry. \\r\\r\\r\\rKnit from a tough-as-nails blend of Kevlar and steel, they have the highest level of cut protection, (ASTM 5) yet are dexterous and comfortable - something that can only be achieved through the blending of so many high-tech fibers.\\r\\r\\r\\rLonger knit wrist (six-inch) provides critical protection in the wrist/forearm area. Clear PVC dots are strategically placed so you can hang onto tools while working, but grip is not in areas where you don't need it - or worse yet - where it could cause an accident. The baby-finger side of your hand will not drag along paper rolls or other surfaces, since the pinkie and one third of the palm are undotted.\\r\\r\\r\\rKevlar is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

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