Sure Grip Hot Mill Gloves with Double-Sided Nitrile Blocks (1 doz)

Superior GloveSKU: SKC/C2NBWM

Size: M
Sale price$129.97


Nitrile applied to hot mill gloves makes a huge improvement over PVC because it withstands higher temperatures, and unlike PVC, will not melt or mar surfaces or leave smears on objects behind the way PVC will. We use a unique process to apply nitrile blocks across the palms so that grip stays solid for the life of the glove, rather than peeling off with repeated use and laundering.Kevlar/cotton knit provides ASTM cut-level 2 protection for dual resistance against heat and cut in applications like glass foundries and the automotive industry. A cotton liner helps keep the hands cool and provides a comfortable feel inside the glove.

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